Katerra is “productizing” the housing industry


Lloyd Alter

We have seen many ups and downs in the prefab world, but they may be getting it right this time.

This TreeHugger has watched many bold initiatives in prefabricated housing come and go.?When Katerra launched I wondered?if it was going to be any different. I concluded that “I really, really want Katerra to succeed. But I have seen this movie before. In fact, it gets remade every generation.”

But as every real estate developer says after every downturn, “This time it’s different.” Reading Katerra’s case study about their?K90 Building Project, it actually might be. Katerra notes that “some 70 percent of construction projects come in overtime and over budget” and that the traditional General Contractor of Construction Manager process is “cumbersome, inefficient, and no longer viable in the face of growing demand for housing… Katerra is working to change this, applying methods and tools such as digital technology, offsite manufacturing, and fully-integrated teams in an effort to improve construction productivity.”

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