Affordable housing for all.

An estimated 11 million Americans spend more than half their paycheck on rent. This, coupled with the housing shortage, has led to demand outstripping supply with not enough new housing being built. Katerra is committed to changing this narrative with the introduction of the Garden Platform. 

The Garden Building Platform is a fully optimized building platform providing high quality housing options for families within or below adjusted median income. This Platform refines the requirements for housing down to their simplest form to achieve a high quality, highly repeatable, cost-effective product while providing living conditions that respect the occupant.

Garden Affordable Design Configurations

  • An efficient unit library with a broad range of configuration options
  • Three building sizes to accommodate project-specific needs
  • Six interior finish packages to serve multiple of market tiers
  • Multiple exterior cladding options to provide aesthetic variation

By the Numbers

Garden Affordable Stats

  • 48 State Design Solution
  • A range of 4-12 Base Unit Plans
  • A variety of Building Size Options

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